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History of the Salsa

There are more then one theory about....where  

the salsa music is comming from

One theory is.....it's comming from Cuba....and for shure the Cuban's hade a lot of influence in the Salsa music and the theory for this is that the "son montono" is a 4 quator step, dance (slow)  the same as the Salsa and start in Cuba in the urly twenty's.....

That's one theory... another one is (of many opinions)

The term "Salsa" was created in New York. The dance style has an Hispanic origin and was cultivated in New York.

The term refers to a variety of Hispanic musical styles: Rhumba, Són Montuno, Guaracha, Mambo, Cha cha cha, Danzón, Són, Guguanco, Cubop, Guajira, Charanga, Cumbia, Plena, Bomba, Festejo, Merengue, among others.

Many of these have maintained their individuality and others were mixed creating "Salsa". (which means sauce)

We can therefore conclude that not one single country or culture can take the credit for the existence of Salsa.

There are different styles that developed in different regions:

New York style salsa, Colombian style salsa, Puerto Rican salsa, Cuban style salsa, L.A. style salsa. One may also use the terms "salsa on one" and "salsa on two". Salsa evolved from Mambo, but emphasizes different rhythms.

Urly Salsa dance... Cuban style...arround 1960

The late Celia Cruz , also known by many as the queen of salsa, said that salsa does not exist as a rhythm, but that it is rather an exclamation for music such as guaracha, bolero, cha cha cha, danzon, son, rumba, and more.

Born: 21 oktober 1925, Havana, Cuba

Celia Cruz


Celia Cruz - el Negro Bembon

Past away: 16 juli 2003, Fort Lee, New Jersey, United States of America

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